Anybody else having problems with Tesco Clothing?

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Found 23rd Mar 2010
I have ordered twice from Tesco Clothing and they've cancelled part of my order both times. This time they've cancelled two thirds of my order.

Anyone else had this issue and what you have done?



I had this before Xmas, ordered about 7 things out the sale and one by one I got an email from them saying 1 item was out of stock, then another, then another etc etc until the whole of my order had been cancelled. I sent them a snotty email saying that I thought it was disgraceful, surely a website should check if something is in stock when you order it and if not, then don't let it be ordered.

The emailed back, apologised and that was it really, haven't ordered from them since and have no intention to do so, their website is a shambles for such a large company.

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i am fuming, i have completely lost my voice so couldnt ring up!

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