Anybody else on Vodafone contract having trouble with their bills lately?

    Last month they charged me for each & every text msg on both contracts making my bill double what it usually is. Got straight on the phone to them & my text allowances had somehow been dropped. They corrected it & my usual amount was debited from my bank.
    Went to check my bill a few days ago & again charged for my texts, bill was 3 times my usual amount! Went onto my account on Vodafone online as opposed to my phone & they've credited my account meaning they've noticed the error. But the amount being debited is £20 less than usual, less than it can ever be due to price plans. Could it be a goodwill gesture?
    Is it just me having problems?
    These are the 1st problems I've had in nearly 5 years with them...


    Do you not have online billing, so you can check & clarify the totals?

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    Do you not have online billing, so you can check & clarify the totals?

    Yeh, checked it and it shows the price plans, voda family internet etc which is usually £62 a month min, if we go over obv it's more but that's rare.
    It shows a credit saying overpayment which is obv compensating for the fact that we've been charged for our texts again, but the total to pay is only £40...
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