Anybody else worried about travel at Xmas.

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Found 20th Dec 2010
My daughter has been trying to get home from the states since Friday and cannot get on a flight at the moment because they are all booked up. Those whose flights have been cancelled are on huge stand-by lists because if flights start to arrive here they will carry the passengers who have booked seats on them rather than carry those who already should have travelled. If she doesn't get one it will the first Xmas she hasn't been home but will be on her own in a hotel room - if she can get one because everybody stranded is lookng for one.


Aww i really hope that she gets home this christmas. Nothing worse than knowing there is nothing you can do other than wait and see.

My parents are determined to come to us this christmas, but I fear them driving in this weather is going to put them at risk.

The main journey to us is on motorway so that will be fine, but as soon as they get near us its just hills and ice. Plus fresh snow on top.

Oldest son and his wife are due for christmas but they are in aberdeen so hopefully they get here-its been a few years since we have had everyone home for xmas-they are usually at her parents in america so its a big thing for us to have a full house this year-fingers crossed-mrs barky will be devastated if they cant travel.

I feel for anyone with flight problems-last year we were at disney paris for new year and the 3 days before we left on the 28th we were really stressing because flights were being cancelled all over,but apart from a 30 minute delay on the runway while they deiced the plane we were fine.

Hope everybody gets to where they want to be for xmas.


.Hope everybody gets to where they want to be for xmas.

Yeh same here...and travel carefully and safely everyone (_;)

Thats such a shame OP - Christmas is nothing without your family. I think back to what Christmas was like before I had my son and it really wasnt anything special - now I am a parent I absolutely love Christmas as kids just make it that more special and magical

I hope your daughter manages to make it home - fingers crossed for you

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No travel last Christmas from Aberdeen by road, so this year are travel plans are from bedroom to front room, possibly with a detour via the kitchen. Anything outdoors is confined to going to the Kirk.

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Really hope she makes it home OP! x

Awww I hope she makes it home OP. I've got my MIL arriving from France on Thursday & up to now our local airport at Nottingham is still running fine so hopefully we won't have any problems.

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I've got her tickets to the Saracens v Wasps match at Wembley on Boxing Day for a present too and I don't think she will be here. Guess they'll have to go to OH and daughter 2 instead. I hope she doesn't spend Xmas on the floor at the airport as people are doing at Heathrow at the moment. I don't know why the army can't come out and clear the runway. It is our biggest airport and they manage to keep runways clear in lots of other places, including Gatwick, which is just next door. There was someone on TV at lunchtime from Canada and he could'nt beleive the mess we are in.


looks like she'll be having a cheeseburger for her xmas dinner

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looks like she'll be having a cheeseburger for her xmas dinner

Probably better than my cooking anyway!!!

the cost of these few days of disruption would pay for all the snow clearing equipment they'd need for the next 10 years, but they won't pay for the equipment because we don't get this weather every year. funny it seems like every year we have the same problems

My husband is in the states and leaving tomorrow and I'm worried sick, his grandmother is critically ill in hospital and isn't likely to make it until after christmas so I'm watching the airports like a hawk.

He has got a flight to Dublin from the states - dublin is apparently fully operational and we were told has good equipment to deal with the ice (in comparison to some of the UK airports), and then he can hope for a flight into the UK but if worse comes to worse, a ferry from Dublin to Liverpool followed by a long train ride.

I don't know if that helps but if your daughter is really stuck and can get to Dublin they have delays but not cancellations there right now.

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At the moment she has a potential flight from the west coast to Chicago, one from Chicago to Washington and then from there to Heathrow on Thursday. There are no direct flights left anywhere but another problem is that the central states airports have been hit by snow and shes worried that her Chicago flight will be cancelled because the planes that should be there are stuck elsewhere. Her friend managed to get a flight to Frankfurt but has been now stuck in Frankfurt for three days. She would go to Dublin if she could.

I dropped my son's 17 year old female friend off at Birmingham airport on Saturday morning to catch a flight home to Germany. I received a call at Teatime to say her flight had been cancelled. I offered to go back and collect her but her Dad booked her into a hotel at the airport and he drove all night from Germany to collect her. He had arrived by 10.30am the next morning and they were on their way back to Germany. Hope your Daughter makes it back for Christmas

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Wish I could drive to the states to pick her up!! I would if I could.
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