Anybody elses t'internet playing up

    well as title really lol

    I know O2 was down the other night. . .now mines playing up keeps going really slow then just cuts off all together its annoying me now!!

    im on orange btw


    Your on orange thats why its playing up

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    lol well its never been like this before weve had it a while!

    My BT connection is dragging tonight, its really hacking me off!

    mine keeps saying "internet explorer cannot display this page" been saying it all night

    Keep getting slowdowns on browsing, encrypted connections working fine though

    I'm with Orange Broadband and have not had any problems !!
    Have you tried emptying your temporary internet files, this can have big effect.

    wheres my post gone?


    Mines actually been playing up and extremely slow too,,,i'm with AOL ¬_¬ usually though everythings perfect!

    i'm with karoo, had to wait about 6 hrs to get on yesterday, it hates rain, been slow today too

    Orange is probably the worst provider i've had the misfortune of using - Actually, I take that back. My Dad's old CPW service was joke worthy.

    Our Eurotel connection at work is blazing fast but not as reliable as the Virgin service I use at home.

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    looks like it going ok today lol

    I find my dads BB appaling really slow all the time and terrible CS hes with BT!!

    We're with VIrgin and it isn't terribly reliable, sometimes its really fast, however other times it goes slow, its usually in the middle of the two, but sometimes chamges.
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