Anybody ever used a Wacker Plate? Need advice!

Found 6th May 2010
Hi, we had some old concrete paths in the garden which I have broken up and removed. I now want to use this rubble to raise an area at the back of our shed which is too low. Does anybody know how small I would need to break this rubble down to so I can compact it with a wacker plate? Once compacted I want to put weed control fabric down and gravel the area. Thank you
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Its not that critical really just say as big as the palm of your hand its more important the base is compacted well with few large voids.
I wouldnt break concrete up with a wacker as you will probably damage it!

use a sledge hammer
It depends on how even you have broken the concrete up, the ideal would be a mix of rubble from gravel size to about 2 inches but it isn't critical, just make sure there's no really large chunks in it.

Also ideally you should put a layer of sand between the rubble and fabric to stop it ripping on any sharp bits but all this is really up to you.
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