Anybody ever used E2Save for mobile phones contract?

    apparently you get £55 for contracts of Topcashback, and some of the deals are quite good.

    Ive been looking at some of the cheaper contracts and there is some thats offering 17 months at 0.99 by way of redemption..

    Is this a good idea or not?


    It is a great deal but do make sure you follow the terms of the cashback to the letter.

    They give these contracts out on the premise that not all people will remember to claim for the cashback or will claim late, send wrong bill and it gets rejected etc etc.......

    Make sure you know exactly what bill you need to be sending to claim cashback (I used to photocy and highlight they bill number), send it in plenty of time and send it recorded. If you follow the rules than it can work out quite good value.

    I had a Blackberry over 2 years and received all cashback no problems, just dont give them a reason to reject your claim.

    its £46 or £55 cashback dependent on network choosen,

    redemption is good providing you follow the instuctions correctly and remember to claim at the correct time,your also relying on the company staying in business,e2save,being part of the carphone warehouse should be ok,but nothing's guaranteed

    it used to be very easy for redemption a few years back but now its tricky u must read the terms clearly and follow it as it states

    i think if you miss one redemption the WHOLE redemption is void, anyone clarify?

    my dad has used this type of contract for the past 2 years paying a couple of quid a month and a free phone.
    But he has a lot of time on his hands and has always been punctual with sending the redemptions back. Just make sure you dont miss any

    the deal was posted last night and a bit of a discussion as to whether it was a good idea or not


    The problem with these is the cashback is with the dealer, not the network. If something goes wrong and you miss sending in a bill at the right time Orange will still want their £25 a month. Something to bear in mind before you sign up...


    Used them a few years back. No probs getting the phone etc but (unless I'm mixing them up with someone else, but I don't think I am) they always claimed to have problems with their cashback system and instead of paying up they offered Argos vouchers. I assume they get them cheaper than face value but as they were offering £20 vouchers instead of £15/month cashback I didn't mind. Just something to bear in mind if you'd rather have the cash.

    Like everyone else says, you have to be organised to go for these cashback deals. I often forgot to send the bill off in time and missed out.
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