Anybody ever used these or know of anyone that has?

Found 26th Mar 2009…tml

Just had the missus asking if I fancy doing it. Seems too good to be true after reading a little.

I have always been 1 of these that has never dared looking into homework but her mate has done some stuff before and is also thinking of doing this.

Thoughts and opinions needed.

Thanks in advance!!
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£30 upfront?

may be a scam, Is there nothing on google about it?
The testimonials look well dodgy as well
My thoughts exactly, thanks for confirming them.

Rep added!!

By the looks of it you have to pay a fee to join - so screams scam to me...

they say it's refundable but who's to say they don't take your money and run!!

In order to register as a member, we ask for a small REFUNDABLE … In order to register as a member, we ask for a small REFUNDABLE [COLOR="Red"]membership fee to £30[/COLOR] which will be refunded to you along with your first payment once the completed work and materials are collected from you. In other words, we do not want you to disappear with our goods.

This PROVES it is a scam.

Look at the testimonials below, EVERY ONE says "My membership fee was also refunded to me"

Why would that put that if they KNEW most people would think they will never see their £30 again.…tml


Maybe a scam, maybe genuine but a lot of these schemes tend to be … Maybe a scam, maybe genuine but a lot of these schemes tend to be useless. Also if they are paying you cash in hand for a service, you are technically self employed, so you will have to register with the vat man. So all that money you get will include VAT and your tax too. I would avoid it tbh. Any self employment oppurtunity should be encouraging you to be above board, this looks like it's not IMO. that, their FAQS are not exactly encouraging honesty with tax, so be very, very wary.

I doubt youd be paying the VAT man, youd need to b earning quite a bit before paying VAT - you would however be paying the TAX man
A search on their phone number finds another similar site.

This one below has exactly the same web layout as the other one…tml

And here is a review of the site,…spx

"I’ve come across several bad reviews and warnings from people saying they’ve been taken in by this company. In return for their £30 all they’ve got is a badly photocopied ‘welcome’ letter and membership card. And they’re still waiting for any stuffing work (or a refund) weeks and months later. AVOID! Mailing nowadays is a highly automated business. Big successful companies just don’t pay home workers over the odds to do their mailings".
Seems this guy has been doing scams for years…d=5

I am surprised so many people fall for it.
If they ask for money upfront - WALK AWAY.

The end. is the same as topstarmailshare. I got the latter banned from advertising in the business section of tuesday's daily telegraph but the crook behind it is back in the telegraph as mailingortyping. He had been doing this for nearly 20 years and in that time nobody has got work from him. he has no fleet of vehicles noir has he any business except taking your 3o quid. He is not in today's telegraph but if you see his ad another tuesday then complain to the paper. he has also been exposed on bbc watchdog regularly
My old gran always used to tell me:

If something looks too good to be true, avoid it like the clap cos it normally is too good to be true.

Stay well clear and listen to my advice.
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