Anybody ever used UKash for a postal transaction?

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Found 25th Nov 2010
im thinking about buying sumthing quite expensive on gumtree, i would do cash in hand but the person is quite far away from me and would like to use UKash.. ive never heard of them.. its this website…tml

anyone know anything? are they good for my money?

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aye im definately thinking it, im pretty sure i wont be going ahead with it seeing as though its one of those to good to be true prices

I've also noticed some rather nice items on Gumtree, massively discounted but still expensive. £6000 triathlon bike for £600, hmmm! Contacted and tried to organise collection and was fed all this stuff about ukash. Based on the limited research I've done Ukash does seem to be legit, however I think the website is probably a clone site. The real site is If you pay any money I wouldn't expect to see it again or the item.

Defo agree with that. Did a quick search on who-is, the website was only registered on 12th November 2010! BEWARE…com

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cheers for the research guys, mega scammage certainly wont be partaking.. im just going to string them along for funsies and keep offering to collect
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