Anybody from Milton Keynes?

    I have checked the website and can see that the centre:mk is open until 8pm tonight for late night shopping. Does anybody know if this is all of the shops, a select few or most of them?


    Not all of them.

    Thursday nights, the majority of stores are open but there are still a few lucky people who get to go home at 5 or 6. lol

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    Thanks that's what i thought. Just wanted to check first as I don't want to travel over there when OH finishes work if most of them are closed!


    Any store in particular you want to go to?

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    Just clothes shops really, Bay, Krisp etc. And possibly ELC. Saw some bits for the kids for xmas, didn't have them in my store as its only a small one within Mothercare. Figured MK is a bigger store, better centre, than luton anyway! lol.

    It does have nearly every shop, yes! lol

    I think most of them stay open til 8pm anyway....I've just got back from approx 4 hours being there! Im knackered!

    Yeah most will be open til 8, only really the little ones and some of the independents close early afaik.
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