anybody got a peugeot 307 and tried changing the 5 disc cd player?

Found 14th Nov 2008
my 5 disc in dash cd player just messed up and needs replacing but im a bit stumped on what to do? the problem i got is that above the 5 disc player there is another unit which has the tape player and radio etc, so do i remove both of them and replace with an aftermarket cd player? the replacement cd players are expensive and from what i can work out i then after purchasing one have to take it to peugeot to get it coded to my car in order for it to work.

just wondered if any one on here has ever came up against this and if so what did they do and what extra iso connectors did they need and costs etc. any info most welcome!
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Dunno the answer but there's one thing to think about.
Do you have remote controlls on the steering wheel for the audio?
If so, you should get a player that can work with them.
You will prob have to get a connecting harness too, about £35.
I'd swap my old one in a flash if it wasn't for the remote.
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didnt think about that! why cant they just make things easy! i like the steering controls so probably be best off getting a replacement original then.
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