ANybody got any experience of 'Lay' betting - recommend any 'formulas' any advice welcomed.

    I'm trying to find out more about Betfair and 'laying'

    Totally naive to gambling, etc



    Google matched betting, a way to make almost guaranteed profits from betting, presuming that you dont make a mistake while your doing it, then theres plenty of money to be made

    It requires quite a bit of work and time though if you are going to do it often..i suggest heading over to mse who have a whole section on their forum about it that is very useful

    Ask Levis24 he has the ultimate foolproof system for betting, its classic in how simple it is…tt/

    Yep, i would stick with what harlzter said:thumbsup:


    Yep, i would stick with what harlzter said:thumbsup:

    Easy fella not seen you around for a bit! Hows it dangling?

    Google 'donglemouse diary' read the first page... then the last.

    with ref to levis thread my mates gf said something very similar when we were in greece this year watching the euros, once the game had finished she wanted to phone her mum and get her to put a bet on the result as they were 2 hours behind and "the game wont have finished yet in england" - Dead serious. lol, i keep meaning to send it in to FHMs out of the mouths of babes.
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