anybody got any sky discount codes

anyone got any half price sky codes i could have please

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theres one on voucher cloud at the minute dude.

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i am an existing customer will it work

Hi Andy,

No, the codes you are after have to be for a new customer or an existing customer who has not had sky for at least 12 months. If you leave sky, then get a friend/partner to do it it may work.

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is there any codes for existing customers


is there any codes for existing customers

Just ring up and complain it's too expensive and threaten to leave. They will give you something. You could even blag it that you have received a 50% off letter as there were loads of them being sent out in the past few weeks. I got one and the number to ring was 0333 2022 135 - this is the Retentions Dept, the guys with the power to give decent deals. Good luck !

I've always been on 50% off. I leave them every time my 12mths is up. Generally within a couple of months they send out the 25% off vouchers through the post to me. Last time, I gave it a little more time, then rang them up, said they'd been sending me 25% off vouchers, but I'd only come back if they gave me 50% off. Bloke spoke to manager and said no problem. I'm coming to the end of that contract now, so will do exactly the same again.

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anyone else got any codes for existing customerd

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have you got a code on the letter spud boy
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