Anybody got experience with Airsprung brand mattresses? (Or any other mattress recommendations?)

Found 5th Jul
I am looking for a single sized mattress, ideally one that will last for at least 5 years. Argos seem to have good deals on Airsprung.

Any one know if Airsprung is a good brand? The reviews seem good, but then people usually post a review when they just got it and don’t tell you how the mattress will be in two to five years time.

Also is it true that the more pocket springs in the mattress, the better the quality will be or is that just marketing speak?

I'd appreciate any quality mattress recommendations. However, I am trying to avoid foam ones because I have endocrine problems and apparently they are aggravated by such mattresses.
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Go to mattress shop and look. Seriously. I'm a tight ass but sometimes you need to look, ask and try. Prices are ok to. We have bought 3 from local shop although I have bought one online but I knew what I wanted. Sealy sprung memory foam that was. Bargain to as small hole in bottom. Who cares about the damage as £400 off. Got lucky
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For the amount of years you keep a matress it's worth spending a bit more on the likes of a Sealy. I found one I liked in the local furniture shoo then bought it online as was £300 cheaper
Vi-spring. On our second in 40 years. Worth every penny.
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