Anybody got unlimited texts and calls on 02!

    You should get this!
    unlimeted text to 02 numbers if you top up a tenner a month or unlimeted calls and texts if you top up 15 quid!
    just incase anybody on 02 pay and go doesnt use it!.
    no contract! just pay and go.
    go to 02s website i'll put the link in the second post…ygo


    Where does it say that? I top up about £10 and get 300 texts from o2 (pay as you go)

    Original Poster…ygo
    go to unlimeted and switch

    no mms and they will close you down for sending too many txts and making too many calls

    Original Poster

    2000 texts like is better than other networks!

    Original Poster

    i know no1 on orange or anything else!

    i thought everyone knew this

    I get free texts for topping up, and they can be sent to any network

    £10 - 300 free texts
    £20 - 600 free texts
    £30 - 1000 free texts

    rah better of getting a t-mobile 1 month contract, 600 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb internet allowance, or o2 have 600 mins 1200 texts and unlimited internet.

    Both costing £20
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