Anybody had a 'Refurbished' mobile from mobiles.co.uk?

Found 18th Apr 2012

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback after buying a 'Refurbished' mobile phone from mobiles.co.uk....I'm currently looking at getting a contract with a refurb but am concerned about the condition of the phone.
Are they 'as new'?
Is it true they don't come with the original box?

Would be grateful if anybody out there can share their experiences before i go ahead and order!

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yup, they dont come with original box; only a plain white box. they only come with phone and charger. ie no headphones, memory card or anything like this that would otherwise come with the phone if you bought it new
What about the condition of the phone, would you say it was like a brand new one?

yep, no scratches or anything. its the same with the settings ie the phone asks you to enter all the setting e.g. language when you first turn on the phone (android)

however, there was no plastic protectors on the phone i received
anything else feel freee to ask.
i will post pic of box etc if u want
Thanks for the replies...feel a bit better about ordering now, although knowing my luck, I'll get a nail! Don't really know where you stand if you're not satisfied with the condition of the phone...would they swap it?
Check here for their return policy.


Seems you have seven days to return it if you wish if unused.

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theyre basically the carphone warehouse, so stuff shouldnt be too bad. i had a refurb off them a couple of years ago, and came with everything you got when new, except in the white box as stated.
Hey ame2418, how was your refurb phone when u got got it??
was it in good condition?
Thinking of getting one myself
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