Anybody had any luck with Premium Bonds?

    Thinking about investing in some instead of a bank account with poor interest rate.

    Anybody had any luck with Premium Bonds?


    iirc current chances of winning anything is 1 in 30,000, it's drawn every month so you need £2500 in bonds.

    I keep meaning to give it a go as savings are terrible now and at £2500 it's an almost guaranteed 1% interest with the chance of getting one of the larger outcomes which makes it more interesting.

    nope my parents have had them for 20 odd years I should think and they've never won anything more than £25/£50 at a time and nothing at all in the last 3-5 years.

    We've had them for quite some years too and in total have had £50 in my opinion not worth it but you may just get lucky.

    plenty of family have them but no one has got above £50 at a time.

    I've had £50 in premium bonds for about 25 years. I won £50 the first month, then never won again.

    I seem to win £25 every year no big wins had them approx. 10 years

    Had a lot for years, my return for last 2 years has been about .75%.(lots of £25 wins) It is tax free, which can be an advantage and there is always the (small) chance of a big win. Biggest win was £500 in 1999. Your money is safe and easily accessible.
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    Better returns on standard interest accounts. Unless you're one of those people who enjoy the 'thrill' of having the chance of winning something decent, better to buy a lottery ticket in that case.

    We have a bit in premium bonds and have won over the average return the past few years, but since it's down to luck I could end up getting nothing more ever again. I figure since I can cash it in anytime I like and the interest rates are so low I might as well leave it there and see what happens . My dad bless his cottons has had £50 in for about 40 years and never won a penny.

    The odds aren't great any more. They used to be better in the old days when the biggest prize was smaller. I had a great run of luck when I first invested many years ago.

    I bought £500 and won £250 within 1.5 years but then never again for the next year so I sold out

    Bought my son a premium bond when he was born. Never had a squeak and he's now over 30.

    I won £25 after keeping £300 of premium bonds over a 3 and half years. Some people
    are lucky and win regularly

    Waste of money IMO. Spend some time on the money saving expert forum (someone posted a link above) and you'll find some better ideas.
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