Anybody had dealings with


    I was looking for a price for an xbox360 elite and came across The prices are good (…ole ) but I've never heard of the company before and there's nothing on the internet about them. Anybody have any personal experience of this site?



    They appear pretty random, electronics to halal meat products :?…rch

    Well the web site was created in 1999 which is a good sign…om/

    But they are seling the 60Gb PS3 which is no longer avalable in the UK, which I think is a bad sign…n_3

    I also notice on the page above they have a load of company logos across the bottom of the page (Sony, Samsung, Microsoft), which I think is generally a bad sign, as if they are trying to give their web site some class.

    Its up to you, but I would be wary of using them.

    And they can't spell iPod Shuffle (they have spelt it Shuffel) - not on a description but a big logo thingy.

    I would have thought that was quite a basic error to make.
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