Anybody heard of / got a Mio netbook

    im looking for a netbook for uni and found the Mio range of N890 and N1210
    any opinions on these or the company in general as ive never heard of them

    built in gps and 32gb ssd

    link below


    I've been using one of these for route finding running Tomtom for about 4 years. I believe the pda/gps market is where they have most of their history and it is a pretty well known name among early adopters of this technology.

    As for laptops, this if the first I have heard of them moving into this field. However, my experience of the company was that while they made some very nice products from time to time, old products received next to zero support once the next generation where released.

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    the offical spec of this looks really good with the gps and 3g ready but reading on maplins site their version is pants…off

    well it turns out they make a basic and a premium version of it so im out lol

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    could anyone please tell me where I could get a replacement adapter for a mio mini netbook.
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