Anybody heard of Jeff Dunham?

    He's a ventriloquist and well funny. Definitely one to look out for. Just bought a T-Shirt from his online store. Can't believe I spent $25 on a poxy T-Shirt......


    He's a ventriloquist and well funny

    what's a well funny?

    never heard of him

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    Check the youtube links ;-)

    Yea he is quality,, Achmed.... silence iiiii kill you :-D:-D

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    Good evening.... Infidel.... :lol:

    I like Walter as well, he's such a wrongun pmsl.

    knock knock
    who's there

    me. i kill you!

    That's awesome, cheers for the tip!

    Yes he is brilliant .........

    This dvd is worth watching too (multi region dvd's)…tml

    and also Sparks of insanity both BRILLIANT

    he is absolutely brilliant! Achmed is def my favourite but theres a southern little guy as well thats quite good. I cant remember his name lol bubba something possibly? :thumbsup:

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    T-shirt turned up today and it even fits. Well surprised at how quickly it turned up.
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