Anybody help set up PS3 live?

    Set up all my settings to my sky wireless.but when im checkin the connection its saying it cannot obtain my IP address and its saying the connection has timed out?
    Any advice? Ma mate brought hes ps3 around last week and it connected straight away just had to type the security code. same with my xbox!



    xbox360 is much easier to set up

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    I agreee!

    Try searching here -…ky/

    Alot of useful information. Mine was simple. Just scan for wireless network and entered my password and all connected

    are the router nad ps3 in the same room and nothing blocking the signal?

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    nothings blocking it at all.…tml If you look at that its the same problem. Im no good with computers so how do i disable my security settings?

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    Someone Help!

    your sky security code should be at the bottom of your router.

    Use wireless, my PSP connects ok with wireless on Sky Broadband.

    add know trouble wi both of my ps3 both went on strieght away know trouble loadz i know ave add trouble but not me easy peesy n tek the biscuit outa 360 as we all know!!!!

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    Problem is just connecting to wireless router. Can connect direct using ethernet but not wireless:S

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