Anybody here dealt with bestbuyphoto.co.uk via groupon before??

Found 13th May 2014
1st time dealing with groupon, purchased a nexus 7 refurb for £125 on Thursday and just wanted to know if anyone had bought from the same company bestbuyphoto as i cant seem to find any inf on them at all??

Thanks in advance

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I'm wondering the same thing before I buy an iPad mini through groupon from them. I've emailed them with questions a couple of times but got no reply. Im not sure ill risk it. hope it's legitimate for you
It turned up within the time they said it would and in amazing condition for a refurb too, although it said bestbuyphoto it ended up being sent by a different name company photodirect which has had some horror stories for reviews. Not sure i'd deal with them again maybe i was one of the lucky ones lol thanks for the reply anyway
Mhmm, I did order an iPad mini over a week ago and it still hasn't arrived. Maybe I'm not lucky.
Having looked at the website I persoanlly would be very wary and not touch them with a bargepole. Most websites show the returns address of a company and have a contact number, however their site has neither. I hope you all get your goods ok, but personally I would cancel the order
I have been waiting over a week for an Ipad from them - lots of e mail response but no ipad and no sign of it - blaming Royal Mail - will not use them again - should have realised it was too good a price
ordered an ipad Saturday 7th June - had an email from them stating it had been shipped on the 10th - royal mail status is currently

Status: Please come back later
The sender has advised us that item FL513108282GB will be posted into the Royal Mail network on the 2014-06-10.
We have been notified that your item is being shipped by the retailer; the next scan will appear when we receive this item.
Last update: 10 June 2014, 06:05pm

Think i'll be moving for a refund - should've checked this site before ordering buying but assumed was fine as using groupon!
have been waiting 11 days now for delivery of ipad through groupon, very disappointed.
I ordered a iPad too on 5th that never came so emailed them Friday & they told me Royal Mail had lost it. Have emailed them everyday since & kept being fobbed off so today I emailed them this feed & demanded a refund. Just received an email to say it's been dispatched again, will see if it's delivered tomorrow!!
I bought a 64gb iPad from Groupon BestBuyPhoto unbeknown to me it was a 1st generation.
I told them it was no good to me for my little girl's birthday and so returned it.
I've been waiting almost a fortnight for my refund and they refuse to reimburse me the postal cost of £6.55 I incurred sending it back!
Terrible customer service!
This IS LEGITIMATE - Just for anyone else who did what I did and search the internet before going ahead on making a purchase similar to this via Groupon and Bestbuyphoto.

I came across an iPad mini which I was also not so sure of because of the Bestbuyphoto website, and then I came across this forum and got really concerned but I decided to go ahead anyway and see what happened ... anyway, within the 7 days ... (I ordered on Sunday and it came on Thursday) it arrived... I had some problems at the checkout so I again wasn't so sure but this turned out to be just a bank security check as it was the first time using that account with Groupon.

Anyway, it came quickly, it was genuine so I wouldn't let anyone who is reading this forum let all of this put you off going ahead with it - i would suggest that you use a credit card though so that you are protected against anything incase something does go wrong.

To all those who have had problems (first of all, it is a pity that none have come back on to say what happened because I am guessing that they all received their products). ..but the ones having problems, it is most likely a problem with Royal Mail - I have had postmen leave things (and very expensive) things on my door step before - which they shouldn't be doing but many of them tend to be very lazy unfortunately ... so check with Groupon ect and if they say that it has been sent then go and complain to Royal Mail - when mine came, it was supposed to be signed for but he didn't make me sign for it and said that I didn't have to ... so tbh, I would hold Royal Mail to account first before Groupon.

I know that Groupon in past years have had problems with service ect but they seem to have sorted this out, I have personally never had a problem with them so I cannot say in that regard ... but they were very quick in responding to me (I am in the UK though, in the US it may be different)

So yeah, don't let this all put you off - oh and the last comment I see on here is about someone complaining that they sent him a first generation - I am guessing that as this was a week ago that this person was following the same deal as myself, and it doesn't mention 'iPad Retina' on the description, which may not have been known by this person so I expect that that was just a small mistake on their behalf BUT incase anyone is put off by that - check whether it says Retina or not.

Apple are rumoured to be bringing out the new iPad (which is why they are heavily discounting all the older models ... all shops have discounted them) so don't be put off by the price and do check what model it is, it is likely to be an older model.

I hope this answer helps someone because when I first came across all of these I was put off but glad that I went ahead with it as I may have missed out on a deal ... and it is a real pity that people are quick to complain but they don't come back and tell us the verdict, I don't think that that is very fair on the people reading this nor the companies that you are naming and shaming without I presume real need to as I will bet most of them received their products unless they had a problem with Royal Mail.

The Bestbuyphoto site did put me off but as it was being sent from Groupon - i.e: I didn't have to go through Bestbuyphoto myself... the "dodgy looking" site didn't put me off too much.

Because I was nervous originally about it, I printed out EVERY step through the process, from what was being advertised through to paying ect ... If you are also nervous then I would recommend that you do this too (mostly just to put your mind at ease) but also so that if anything does happen (which ti hopefully won't) then you have everything to back you up on what you did. - and also, check that it has actually gone through, I had to do this three times because of my bank and I ended up phoning them up to make sure that they hadn't take any other transactions from me - if the product is not displayed under 'your orders' then you probably haven't made the order, after going through the bank details you should be taken to a page that says it is confirmed: the first time i did it it took me back to the home page ... and they had not sent an email nor was it under the 'my orders' ... apparently I had take too long during the checkout (because I kept looking of reviews on the site lol) and it had timed me out .... so yeah, if you order hasn't come - maybe you guys did the same thing? MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ORDER WENT THROUGH. It does tell you that unless you get an email that your order hasn't gone through so do check and make sure!

Hope that helps someone else who is now in the same shoes as I was, reading all these negative comments.
Hi steveR123. Did you ever recieve your purchase? As I am now at the same stage as you were, I have tracking information and getting the same reply.
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I bought a 64gb iPad from Groupon BestBuyPhoto unbeknown to me it was a … I bought a 64gb iPad from Groupon BestBuyPhoto unbeknown to me it was a 1st generation.I told them it was no good to me for my little girl's birthday and so returned it.I've been waiting almost a fortnight for my refund and they refuse to reimburse me the postal cost of £6.55 I incurred sending it back!Terrible customer service!

hi, did you receive the refund for the ipad and nit the postage or neither, Just asking as I am aboiut to send mine back too as its faulty
I am encountering similar problems. Ordered ipad on 2/7/14 and have not rec'd anything yet. Emailed them and they say it was despatched and gave tracking number. Checked on Royal Mail site and shows as "retailer has advised that they will be sending goods. We will update when we receive package and scan it" (dated 4/7/14)
Mailed bestbuyphoto and they blame Royal Mail !! Said they would get back to me : still waiting. Not happy!!
Now 12/7/14 and no ipad or explanation.

New ipad arrived 16th July after I spoke to Groupon customer services on 14th and they said they would escalate my complaint. Amazingly enough the package arrived two days later, on Royal Mail 48 hour tracked delivery (using original tracking number??)

Strangely, the ipad came from Photo a Direct rather than bestbuyphoto who it was ordered from....

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Jane 1986, you seem highly defensive of this company ? anyone else think so ? regarding you knowledge i think its flawed, ist gen and retina Ipads have i believe maybe 3/4 models in between ie ipad 1, 2 then just the ipad either way gen one to retina had 2 or three in between so a first gen is very old tech and way off a retina. (lowlander is right)
Secondly you say the royal mail is probably to blame but if were all honest we get nearly all things ordered online and i for one cannot remember the last time RM lost anything ???? (ive done it now !) and after several people commenting and also the fact the company has not responded and the things needed so much escalation is a very bad sign.
Seems your happy with old models poorly described and from the sounds of things i would either move house or never use RM again. Or maybe your somehow connected to said company after all someone did send them this thread to let them know they were being talked about........
oh dear. Wish i had looked at this first.
Ipad Retina 16gig ordered 21 July. Received an email 23 July to say its been despatched. Nothing received after 5 days. I've emailed twice and they keep saying they will contact Royal Mail. Ive told them they don;t need to contact Royal Mail, they just need to despatch the goods or process a refund. I've now contacted Groupon as well. Will never use Groupon again.
Well, I am currently having a struggle with bestbuyphoto with an iPad mini i bought from them almost 3 months ago via Groupon. The iPad is faulty the screen self taps all the time and apparently this is a known issue with US models (they did not advertise they were selling US models when i bought it on Groupon) now it came with a 1 year world wide apple warranty so bestbuyphoto keep telling me, but apple uk cannot honour this as they are not able to order parts or replacements from the US. so not point even having a warranty. All bestbyphoto are offering to do is repair the iPad (apple have told me it is not repairable...) I do not trust this company and i will be pushing for a full refund, Groupon have also been contacting bestbuyphoto on my behalf but they cannot refund me, they can only encourage bestbuyphoto to do this. Anyone have a contact phone number for bestbyphoto? I only have their business address, but would actually like to speak to someone there!!!
ordered ipad 3 64gb from bestbuyphoto via groupon ,went wrong after 2 days packed up altogether a day later. No phone no. for bestbuy and long winded in emailing. Continuous emails and phone calls to groupon not much help, after 3 weeks of complaining, rowing and emails, eventually got full refund from groupon. Still waiting for postage refund from bestbuy but wont hold my breath as its been 5 days and still no reply. So my advice is stay clear of bestbuyphoto.
my word!!! I'm in the same boat as you i got a iPad 4th gen and can't get through to them - any1 got a phone number?!! please!? It is broken and apple uk say it should never have been sold a us version in uk! help!
I ordered a GoPro through the Groupon offer. - In all fairness it came in a timely manner but:

The product was faulty out the box. Bestbuy batted me back to GoPro and stated that if I sent it back to them it would be away for 8-10 weeks. - I reported the problem the day after I received the item. I said that surely they were my contractual selling partner and that within 28 days I was entitled to an instant replacement.

I contacted GoPro who confirmed that the product was faulty and should be returned to the seller - Bestbuy. I informed Bestbuy of this and they said I could have a refund but they didn't stock the UK model that I had, only US ones so there was no chance of a replacement.

WHAT? - Their co.uk website stocks plenty of UK models with free delivery in the UK and they sold over 470 on the Groupon offer. In fact there is no mention of a US spec version in the description and the camera has an option in settings to switch between NTSC and PAL formats anyway.

I have emailed them that their answer is flawed and I have made a complaint to Groupon. I am waiting for a response.

I appreciate that I can get a refund but I just want a working product for the price I paid on the offer and it seems that as it may cost them something to do this Bestbuy are literally lying to me to make it as cheap as possible for them.

I would avoid like the plague.
Ordered ipad 1st generation in july for my granddsons birthday! When it arrived it was faulty - just lines running down the screen. They asked me to return this tracked and they would send out another one. This came and ok so far. Bestbuyphoto refuse to reimburse me for the £8.45 it cost to return the faulty one. It seems ridiculous that i have to pay to return THEIR faulty product, and is also against the law. I have been in contact with groupon who said they would sort it out. After 2 weeks i today received an email from groupon saying bestbyphoto had reshipped the order and hope that this closes the issue. Aaaaaagh! They obviously never bothered to read my complaint, as it was the postage i was complaining about, not the receipt of another ipad.
Disgusting business practice from bestbuyphoto, and poor customer service from groupon!
I ordered a mini apad £339 from groupon from this company. Groupon took the money out of my account immediately on ordering. I have not received item 7 days later it has not been dispatched. Grouping say it is not there problem contact BestBuyPhoto myself.
I also ordered a mini ipad£339 form groupon from this company. Same they took money out straight away. I have not received this item in 7 days still not dispatched. e-mailed the compnay early this week they do not have any stock may be they will have some by tomorrow(friday) spoken to Groupon they are not responsible for the company as they only sell the item, big argument with the managers will not refund money untill I prove that the company selling it has agreed to cancell the order which after lots of e-mails have not received any confirmation, I brought it for work which I am going away this weekend do not have any other ipad as my was stolen
GROUPON has said it will take 10 days to refuned if they agree when they speak to their head office 10 working days, if you sell goods on you site you need to make sure the company providing the item has enough for all customers who purchase them, GROUPON WILL NOT admit to that either, I will not be making any purchase through GROUPON ANY MORE
I ordered an ipad air on groupon from bestbuy photo today and after looking at these comments I regret it groupon won't let me cancel my order I hope I receive the ipad within 7 days
I ordered for my son a galaxy tab back in April, 3 weeks later it failed to charge, so sent it off. That is the last time I've seen it. Only had one reply for email just saying the advisor would chase it up. Think it may have been sent to the moon, I'm now in touch with Citizens Advice and Trading Standards. Paid via Paypal so not sure if I can get a refund-fingers crossed..........
Hi. Following the experience buying an ipad2 through groupon/bestbuyphoto I would not ever deal with this company. They Ipad2 came without a charger, just the usb cable, though in the ad they say comes with a 2 pin plug (this is in the small print). This was assumed to be a 2 pin charger (which can easily be fitted with an adaptor). This was queried and they said they dont supply a charger with this product only a plug, but because its a US plug they remove it.!!! Tell me, has anyone ever heard of any Apple product just being supplied with 2 or 3 pin plug that cannot be used to charge it.!! Or any electrical product for that matter!!!
Basically they are being very misleading as anyone would expect an Ipad to come with a charger. (Their attitude is you can use the USB cable so tough!) If they had said it comes without a charger fair enough but they were being very misleading in their ad. To cut the long story short.. they are now , to fulfil the conditions of the ad, sending a 3 pin plug which is really useless but at least they incur time and hassle to fulfil this.. This was after weeks of hassling with them where to try and get a charger where they kept changing their mind and going back on what they said. Awful people, Awful support (A_, you know who you are). Awful company. Oh and another thing...there is no phone number to call. There is a picture of someone with a headset on, they even say you can call and speak to them but there is no phone number. Finally, the ipad was a US import hence the reason not supplied with a UK charger , or any charger for that matter.
I was thinking of making an order for a Kindle via Groupon but have decided not to for very simple reasons, whatever the varied experiences reported here:
The Customer Support picture on the home page shows a woman with a mic apparently ready to take my call but no number to ring. Further searching revealed nowhere on the site where I can find a phone number - not even on the Contact Us page, where it's still only email.
Looking at the Returns Policy you have to contact a member of our Customer Support team first, which is not unusual, but again no actual details of how you do that given there and as I said no tel number anywhere, so presumably only email.
On the About Us page, there's no address and under We are based in the UK: it says You can call us and speak to mature experienced staff - but - you guessed it - no number to ring.

So everything might work out OK but if it doesn't? I think I'll pass.

STAY AWAY FROM BestBuyPhoto - Their customer service sucks - 2 months and still waiting for a refund on 32GB MS Sruface RT.

1st time dealing with groupon, purchased a nexus 7 refurb for £125 … 1st time dealing with groupon, purchased a nexus 7 refurb for £125 on Thursday and just wanted to know if anyone had bought from the same company bestbuyphoto as i cant seem to find any inf on them at all??Thanks in advancebrian

Avoid like the plague. If you have trouble you are shafted as customer service is worst ever. We battled for weeks to sort a problem out. Check the other comments re their site. Pictures of call center people on the phone but NO phone number! Pay a bit extra and go elsewhere for peace of mind! Groupon really should not be dealing with them.
Why are Groupon still allowing them to use their fronting, wish I'd read this first. Oh well paid by PayPal and visa so they can sort it out-sbould be able to get chargeback from visa.

So I'd ordered a Tab S via Groupon, only afterwards to find poor reviews. Issues with "the post office are having issues so your tracking number not working". Well guess what, contacted them after 6 working days (due within 7) and the response "the Royal Mail have had a glitch ....blah blah". Also asked for confirmation these were new UK models. Totally ignored three requests, which only implies other users experience that these were refurb units from overseas. So don't bother, look elsewhere. I'll get my money back via Paypal or Chargeback to Visa, just the hassle. At least they'll be left with the stock.
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Yep, refurbished unit so back it went, supplied by photodirect who have some horror warranty stories so not worth the gamble. Disappointed with Groupon not vetting suppliers.
ooh god damn it like most of u I ordered before checking it out, I have ordered a Michael kors watch for my lady from group on who tell me my order will be fulfilled by photo direct, its only been a couple days so I will share my experience when or indeed if it arrives D-:
don't go near best buy certainly not for ipads absolutely no backup in fact you can't contact this shower bought an ipad refurbished according to them meaning minor scratches but product to operate as new??? hahaha go on to a site and after a very short time it shuts down fustrating and a waste of money emailed them but that was a waste of time would not discuss problem with me and there's no phone No why and WHY ARE GROUPON LETTING THIS CO USE THEIR SITE OR ARE THEY A FRONT?????????
I just received my order of galaxy tab s which was rather exciting!
However I have a product in a box that is old and well used. Broken and torn. One cable, no plug?
The tablet has no protective film over the screen. There is no manual or any documentation of any kind.
Having bought one from Samsung I know what should be in the box. This one is for my wife's birthday in 3 days - and guess who is going to be in trouble now!
I have emailed them for a refund and contacted groupon as well. Very annoying and disappointing!
Photo Direct are complete thieves. Loads of people have CCJ's against them but are unable to enforce them as the company claims to be Best Buy Photo

Do not touch either
This company are total jokers. waiting over 2 months for a repair in a faulty samsung. customet servixe non existent. worst business I've ever dealt with online. stay away!!
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