Anybody here on Virgins 50meg in the North East UK?

    Please reply if you are need some help on my connection etc, thx!


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    Posted my result m8 and thx for this! remember the engineer flying through this so i didn't what he was doing!

    According to your results your still on 20Mb which is fine if thats what your paying for ??

    If not and ur supposed to be on 50Mb then did the engineer change the modem ?

    Also do you have a router on your network ? It also has to be 50Mb compatible .....

    My old Netgear WGR614 only gives me 30Mb but the new Netgear WNR2000 that Virgin supplied with the new modem works fine !! :thumbsup:

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    Im on 50 and have just installed win7 beta build so im not sure if thats the problem right there! Im also using wireless with the WNR2000 and the latest firmware.

    I dl'd 3 files from the blueyonder site and i was getting around 4.0mbps

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    File size transferred : 100.0 MB (104857600 bytes)
    Total time taken : 75.58 seconds (75576 milliseconds)
    Throughput : 1387.0 KB/sec [Kilobyte-per-second]
    = 1.39 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second]
    = 11096.0 Kbps [Kilobit-per-second]
    = 11.1 Mbps [Megabit-per-second]

    wired connection results:

    File size transferred : 100.0 MB (104857600 bytes)
    Total time taken : 19.62 seconds (19621 milliseconds)
    Throughput : 5344.0 KB/sec [Kilobyte-per-second]
    = 5.34 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second]
    = 42752.0 Kbps [Kilobit-per-second]
    = 42.75 Mbps [Megabit-per-second]

    File size transferred : 100.0 MB (104857600 bytes)
    Total time taken : 23.68 seconds (23676 milliseconds)
    Throughput : 4428.0 KB/sec [Kilobyte-per-second]
    = 4.43 MB/sec [Megabyte-per-second]
    = 35424.0 Kbps [Kilobit-per-second]
    = 35.42 Mbps [Megabit-per-second]
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