anybody interested??????? loadsa sky boxes

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Found 25th Jun 2007
hi i have hundreds of faulty sky boxes seriously hundreds all types old and new sliver and black and some of the white ones just wondering if anybody would be interested as i dnt know how to repair them.

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Any sky+?


You been in their skips???? :lol:

Where do you live ?

Original Poster

hi ummmm i may have a couple of sky + boxes but no where near as many as normal sky boxes....
i live in portsmouth

do u have any sky hd boxes? lol

were did u get 100 faulty sky boxes?

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no sorry no hd boxes, i did sell them on ebay but now i need the space i proba have about 200 theve just been bought as untested but they dnt work....
great for someone who can fix them but i cant


are you selling or giving away?

have you tested all 100?

Original Poster

[QUOTE=ALICOM007]have you tested all 100?[/QUOTE

most of them yes but over a long period of time, and as i said theres much more than 100

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are you selling or giving away?

im looking to sell but i just wanted to see if any1 would be interested in them

How much for a normal sky one, or a sky plus?

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well im lookin to sell a big bulk of them i wouldnt be interested in selling just one sky box.... i am selling because i need the room u c. if buying a bulk probably looking at 3 pound a peice for normal sky boxes

wouldnt be worth selling individually u wont make any money. postage would cost a fortune. i think your best bet is ebay loads of people look for these things.

Best bet is really ebay indeed, your not allowed to sell bulk on these forums.

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ohhh ok i didnt know that thanks

No problem
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