Anybody know a Rebecca Ann Jones in Wales?

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Found 8th Apr 2008
I am hoping someone could help me ,i am looking for a girl who was my best friend in High School. Her name is Rebecca Ann Jones and she was born in either 88 or 89 i cant quite remember, this would make her 18 or 19 now.
I would search via the normal routes, say electoral register, but i have no idea which part of wales she is in and also with a name like Jones i would be looking forever and a day, so i am hoping somebody here may have heard or known of her.
She is the daughter of Amelia and Paul jones and has 2 younger sisters, Cody and Lisa, and a younger brother named Scott.
They lived on Avon way in Shoebury in essex until around 2002/3 and i have heard they then moved back to Wales.
I know her nan and cousin, Thomas Jones, used to live very near to Pontypridd so they may be around this area?
Thanks in advance for any help and information.

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Sorry, i looked but could not find her...

Some people named Rebecca Ann Jones on Facebook.


:whistling:i know her uncle tom jones

as someone suggested, try facebook.... also friends re-united.

MySpace if you think she's a down-market type.

(Just kidding, I prefer MySpace to Facebook in lots of ways!)

search the name on bebo aswell.

Original Poster

I looked on myspaceand facebook, but there are hundreds and many dont have pictures i will try bebo but thought id try here too as a lot of you like to help and will try ways that i dont think of! Thanks

Clarelouise, I think because you have her middle name it will make it a lot easier - just message them all, it would only take a minute, and see if it's any of them? I checked the friends of Rebecca Ann Jones on facebook and none had the names of the siblings you gave above, but that's not conclusive.

you could also try searching on facebook etc for her relations and then look at their friends and see if she is in there.

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any of … any of them?®ion=X&subregion=-1&age=10&search=Jones&forename=Rebecca&mpx=0

im afraid not tried becky jones too but to no avail

I used to go out with a Rebecca Ann Jones...she would be 23 now though

I like the sound of you clairelouise lol can I have your number 118118 LOL

Original Poster

eh? ;-)

haha I said I like the sound of u ..can i have ur number lol

Original Poster lol

bit random mate

pml .....yeah i know but it keeps the thread going dont ask you dont get ....rofl

lol classic stuff

Lol. On MySpace you should tick the boxes:

Country: United Kingdom
Only show users who have photos
Show name and photos no text

Just 10 pages to work through then so you should hopefully be able to do it pretty quickly.


Original Poster

Haha well im practically married so im afraid he's out of luck! Lol, but he's right, you dont ask-you dont get!
Thanks for the help everyone, im going to search myspace properly 2moro when ive got a bit more time.
If anyone spots anything in the meantime please post! thanks

try the electoral register, there is a site online you pay about a tenner and you put in the name and area and u will be shown them. Worth a shot.


there is a becky jones showing in south wales argus from llanvihagal ( or similar lol) taken march 2008 she was presenting something for mothersday.... maybe worth a look....

PM sent to OP

what if this woman is in hiding from sombody, abusive husband for example.
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