Anybody know a Sky engineer near Dunfermline that can refit my LNB

    I had a massive ice build-up on my roof and this slipped off during a thaw on Sunday and broke off the LNB on my Sky dish. The dish, arm etc seems OK and the LNB is still wired up but dangling. Does anybody know of a proper Sky engineer in the Dunfermlinre area that would refit it for some cash in hand.


    Duct tape FTW

    It probably only requires the LNB carefully pushing back on to the arm.

    If it's not a simple case of pushing it back in and the LNB needs replacing it's a fairly simple process. The dish should be aligned correctly as long as you don't move it and then all you need is a replacement LNB and some self amalgamating tape.

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    Cheers guys. Thanks for your responses. I'll take another look at it tonight (if I can reach it) and see how easy it is to fix myself.

    Sky LNB's have a pin in them. So it's likely the arm of the LNB is still inside the arm of the dish. If that's the case, you'd need to pull it out (not so easy) and fit a new LNB.

    LNB's are faily cheap. If you pick up a cheap quad/oct LNB, then you can setup Multi-room without the installation charge
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