anybody know about benifits if your sick?

    Hi guys. My friend lives in scotland. hes a council employee. hes only entitled to 9 weeks full pay then hes cut to half pay as hes only been employed with the local authority 18 months. hes suffered a brain injury and will be unable to work for months and months. He owns his own house, pays a mortgage, wife works 30 hours per week. kids at school 13 and 17. is anybody aware of benifits you can get to boost your income, cos when he goes to half pay he may loose his home. hes a fantastic guy. ive got the union on it to see if he can get any special dispensation. i will speak to the local counsellers too.



    Hi ! I have been wondering how your friend has been. How are you too? Was really worried about you when never heard anything back for a wee while.

    I dont know anything about benefits but am sure someone here can help you. Please pass on my best wishes to your friend and hope he is taking it easy

    (p.s funnily enough not long after chatting to you I ended up in the Southern lol with a busted knee)

    Best of luck with all of this - you have been an amazing friend to this poor guy xxxxxxx

    has he not paid on his mortgage for smecial coverage for serious illness, I pay (and its expensive) but if the worst was to happen the mortgage would be paid in full. May be an idea for him to look into what he's paying for on his mortgage!

    Sad to hear. Hope you mate makes a full recovery.

    might also be worth going to see the bank manager. My brothers wife who also works for the council has been off sick now for 9 months and they went to see their bank manager who has given them a three month break - anything is better than nothing

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    thanks so much for all the fantastic help, i will use it to help my friend. you are all smashing, merry christmas.
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