Anybody know about drier belts ?

    Dam....our White knight drier from Currys has just just snapped its belt
    i took the back part off and all i could see where the drier heats and cools the inside, then i took the top off....low and behold

    there was the snapped belt.

    Does anyone know if its pretty simple to hange the belt or is there loads of messing about? might just put it into the electrical shop....altho if its going to cost the same as what the drier did then stuff that !!


    haynes do a manual for this type of thing. Halfords normally stock it. i used one to repair an old washer/dryer 4 times. i never bought it lol, just read it in shop. although i was working there at the time.


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    thanks, i think ill see how much an electrician will cost to change it first lol

    before i go into the guts of it

    If its a condenser drier then get an engineer to do it. If its a vented drier then you should have no real problem as long as you can find the pulleys and are able to stretch the belt enough to fit over them.

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    thanks all

    yeh its a vented one, the one where you have to stick the pipe oot the window

    Women's tights or an old leather belt always used to be good for emergency measures if you have a load of wet washing
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