Anybody know about washing machines,Fault Code

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Found 10th Dec 2010
Im having a bit of trouble with my washing machine.
I have a Hotpoint Aquarius WF740 and last week in the frost the waste pipe on the sink froze but my wife went and started the washer which is connected to it and it filled the sink and over kitchen floor.
Cleaned it up and my wife turned it on the next day and she said there was a bang and it went off.
I changed fuses in isolator switch and plug then it came on and the LED display seemed to be working ok ,but every setting i choose it never starts and after about 2 minutes it flashed the word "DOOR"
so i have just bought a "door interlock switch" and it was exactly the same.

So now what ive done is unplug the new switch altogether and on the 3 pin cable i have bridged pin 2 and 3 to see if it sends a door locked signal to the washer
So i turned it on and the door locked light lit up straight away but on every setting a choose i starts for about 2 seconds then the pump starts pumping out while the LED flashes "END" quickly then go's onto error F-01.
and if i leave it the pump stops after a couple of minutes while the error code continues to flash.
Hope there might be someone on here who knows a little about washing machine,cheers


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lol yeah will be doing that if no joy but that whole process can take a while,so id rather try an get it working first

Have you cleaned the filter.

Funnily enough mine has done the same and flooded under my laminate, I have phoned my insurance but as its not priority they wont be in touch till monday.

F-01 refers to "Motor traic short circuit" , So I'd guess motors gone, Error codes here: Your text here
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yeah i saw a website while googling that mentioned motor for f1 error not looking good by the sounds of it,not worth buying a new motor for 50 + quid

My guess would be, If it's backed up and flooded then theirs the possibility that water may of entered into the circuits somewhere, Electric and water don't mix..!!!

Try taking the motor out and let dry out or perhaps use an hair dryer, Once it's dried out it might work..!!!
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