Anybody know how I can get the last bit of foundation out of glass bottle?

Found 30th Nov 2017
Hey ladies and gents.. I have a bottle of Nars all day luminous liquid foundation and it's running out but I can see there is still a fair few uses, maybe ten uses left and it's expensive so I don't want to waste any. There's some foundation stuck to the sides and at the bottom and I can't figure out out I can get it out. If it was plastic I could cut it open but it's thick glass. Anybody know a trick to getting this out?
Thanks in advance everyone
ps I'm going to work so will reply later on to any replies
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Stand it in warm water for a few minutes, should loosen off the sides and then turn upside down so it runs to the top.
Search YouTube for "get liquid from a bottle".
The YouTubes has the answers for everything

I'd have a go at gently heating up the bottle, then turn it over and letting the contents flow to the cap.
Maybe not direct heat, maybe heat up a plate, then put the plate on the underside of the bottle, whilst it's inverted.
Centrifugal force. Lid on turn upside down and whizz it round and round. The stuff should rush to the bottom which is the top cause it's upside down.
All these science answers, and I'd have gone for something like a straw or kebab skewer and dip away... I'm sure there's a real techniques "stick" that is for this purpose? I'll see if i can find it x…Jnw I've not price checked, I remember it being on here cheaper but its sods law when you want it it's its full price, don't need it and it's pennies!
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