Anybody know of a good place to get furniture from?

    hi just wanted to ask if you know anywhere that i can get some cheap furniture from as just moved and need to decorate everywhere. need some cheap table an chairs a storage unit for diningroom for board games catalogues etc...
    Curtains wallpaper any good wallpaper sites on line?
    any help would be gratefully appreciated loulou


    Always worth signing up with FreeCycle for a start; I regularly see furniture on offer in my area.

    After that, Ikea is always worth a bet as are woolworths,

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    Hi do ikea have a online website to purchase goods?? i thought they didnt and i live no where near a ikea...norwich

    No Frills and Glynn Webb are very good for wallpaper and decorating stuff I have had designer papers from there for a bargain price they also sell furniture, lighting etc not online tho

    I bought most of my furniture from Ikea and Tesco Direct.

    Cheap furniture at you local Dump. Around this week is a good time as people shop for new stuff and a lot of the so called old stuff gets dumped. Lots of times the old stuff was bought within the last couple of years. Got some great stuff from there and it also means it doesn't go to landfile sides.
    Good luck

    Try Focus Diy,they usually have some cheap furniture deals in their stores.
    I got a dining set a few years back for about £90,nice looking and has served me well.They have bedroom stuff ,desks,cabinets etc so worth a gander in my opinion.
    Good luck in your hunt:)

    Ikea have some items on sale at the moment.
    Also, try Furniture Village.

    What about DFS they have one of those rare sales on :giggle:

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    thanks for all your help have seen some in homebase but will have to wait till the 6th now as went abit mad in b&q and skint myself out. oh well it give me longer to hunt i suppose.

    How about ]http//ww….uk

    Might be some cheap stuff near to you that you can collect.?
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