Anybody know of any good deals on fireworks???

    Looking for a modest selection for the garden for a firework show with the kids etc. etc., with a few BIG rockets too - ideally don't want to spend more than £50.

    Anybody seen any good deals in shops?

    Ta muchly!


    All the main supermarkets are doing BOGOF


    yep - as choc says. I think Aldi are doing a 200 shot single light firework as well for £19.99

    aldi have some grat deals on

    I'll wait for all the PC people to come in.

    I went past Lidl yestrday and they had some good deals on frm what I saw on the poster.


    Buy them NOW!
    Before prices rocket.

    we got some of the lidl ones last year - they were actually really good! We had a selection of rockets and a big cake thing that did loads of little rocket type things....

    oh, and get some thai lanterns as well - very cool if you're having a fireworks party :-D

    This was us:…ted

    hiya i dont know where you live but if your anywhere near me you can have mine as im scared to use them,i got them last week from a friend ov a friend a huge box for £40 but after i got them home it says industrial fireworks and my garden is to small and reckon they might blow my windows out and frighten the kids and animals to death,if your interested let me know:thumbsup:

    industrial ones....they sound very cool :-D

    Just wish i was closer....


    The ones at Aldi and Lidl are pretty good for the … The ones at Aldi and Lidl are pretty good for the money.

    thanks for the link, very useful :thumbsup:


    some newspapers have sainsburys vouchers in them. Spend £14.99 on their bumper pack and get £29.99 of free rockets
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