anybody know what this insect is? wasp like?

Found 20th Oct 2015
was on my car bonnet yesterday. seemed very dosile, I nudged it off with a paper and it just fell to the floor and stayed a while, I went back bout half hour later and it had gone.

looks like a long wasp, about 1.5-2" in length, simalar to a mud wasp but its abdomen doesnt look seperate like the mud wasp!

any ideas?
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Do you have a pic? Could be a hornet?
[image missing]

sorry for delay, app is very poor
Dunno but it looks evil.
Don't like the look of that
It's a Vauxhall.

It's a Vauxhall.

​wrong its a volkswagon
what you mean... wasp like?
Have you ever spotted a wasp before
spot on @gordonc1960
Looks like a banded horntail
Ichneumon wasp, either Diphyus quadripunctorius or Amblyteles armatorius.

sorry for delay, app is very poor

​you might not be bothered but everyone can view all of your photo bucket photos from this link.
How many cars u sellin lol
Im pretty sure thats a wood bee or something like that. Totally harmless but looks right evil!
If it is, nothing to worry about. But it might not be ......

​wrong its a volkswagon

Emissions bug ???
I will settle for the mud dauber then (mud wasp) its just the body didnt quite look the same but i suppose theres different species.

im aware people can access my other pics bit nothing to hide there, private pics are password protected
Its a wood wasp not a wood bee but can't sting!

Black and yellow mud … Black and yellow mud dauber

It's not. The abdomen is completely wrong and that species isn't found in the UK.
A species of wasp that has never been recorded in the country has been discovered at a British nature reserve.

The parasitic wasp, Lymantrichneumon disparis, now known to be a genus and a new species to Britain, was found by a butterfly collector at the RSPB’s Broadwater Warren near Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

I thought it was this.

​simalar but without the sting! so guess its not a horntail

It's not. The abdomen is completely wrong and that species isn't found … It's not. The abdomen is completely wrong and that species isn't found in the UK.

Oh really?…2ap

Oh really?

Well, M. Hollande and his European cronies would probably be happy to see the UK absorbed into the French mainland but last time I looked that hadn't happened.

So, yes. Really.


It's a Vauxhall.


​wrong its a volkswagon

fancy admitting that

fancy admitting that

​my emmisions are alright tho

​my emmisions are alright tho

lol mate
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