Anybody know where I can get an Ultimate Wall-E in the UK?

Found 31st Oct 2008
They seem to be available in the states on the Toys R Us website but I cant find anything other than over inflated pre-order listings on a certain auction site

This is what I'm looking for...

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wow i want one of those..how much they retailing for?
On the american sites they are retailing for $189

People on fleabay are charging £250 for pre-orders

I'm sure there will be a proper UK retailer, after searching online someone has said Argos will sell them but it hasnt got anything on their site, the Total Film website said in June they will retail for around £100 but I don't think its going to be that cheap to be honest
I'm not even sure if they are out in the States yet, a lot of sites said they would be out in the summer and then mid october, so I'm a bit stumped!
WOW! I daren't show that to my little boy (4). He loves Wall-E and is always talking about him! If he saw that, he'd never sleep (and we'd never hear the end of it) until he had one!
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