Anybody played Wheelman on the PS3?

    Afternoon All,

    I've been thinking of getting a new game for my PS3 as I've just been really bored of what I have lately. I came accross Wheelman which seems a good game, But was just wondering if anyone has played the game, and if so whats it like?




    it's got vin diesel in it, it must be rubbish

    I've played it on the xbox for a few minutes - it seems ok. Bit like GTA4 really, so if you like that then you will like this. Plus, you get to ram cars by swinging left and right which is quite fun!

    download demo on PSN, Its worth a play not to buy gets irratating after awhile. Just my opinion though!

    It'll be £9.99 on within a month of release...

    It's not bad just very repetative.

    give it a miss mate

    Got pretty bad reviews

    Original Poster

    thanks all, download the demo it is or rental from blockbuster. I just like games where you can drive and shoot at the same! Add in the idea of raming cars aswell, made it seem like a decent game! But oh well....the search goes on......................

    Rep left for all the reviews!!
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