Anybody received an order from TribalUK lately?

Should have received a television from TribalUK last week but didn't arrive. Logged into yesterday morning and despite showing in-stock status it still hasn't despatched, tried ringing customer services at various times throughout the day but phone always busy, have tried every five minutes since 9am this morning and getting an engaged tone every time. Now beginning to get a little worried! Anyone else having a delat in items being despatched or not getting through to customer services, or is it just unfortunate little me?!!!


What number are you ringing? 01603 251108?

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Yep, have now tried it at least 30 times today alone!

Check out these reviews ]here. Send an email.
I've had poor customer service response from other suppliers, so I tend to follow up queries using their order number, this is always answered promptly - but these guy's don't seem to have one. Good luck.

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Well, email sent 7 hours ago and no response despite the promised 3 hours turn-round time, and 7 hours of phone calls each met with an engaged tone. Beginning to think placing an order with this company was not the best of ideas!

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Sorry to have a conversation with myself but thought I'd give a firm message to avoid this company at all costs to anyone else thinking of using them.

Customer Service number permanently 'engaged' since Tuesday afternoon and no replies to emails sent Tuesday, Wednesday and this morning.

And no receipt of item ordered two weeks ago with a 2-5 working day despatch time.

Oh, and they take funds from credit card at time of ordering so I've already paid for item!

I bought a TV from them about 6 months ago on a 12 month interest free deal. Got it straight away and had no problems with them back then..

contact your card issuer now!!!!
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