Anybody recommend a good money manager program

    Can anyone recommend a good (free) money management program for the pc.
    I'm useless at managing my money and direct debits,
    i have used microsoft money in the past which is good but far too complicated.
    I just want something simple to do incomings and outgoings and maybe possible to import statements from my bank
    I dont mind paying a little for a decent program but nothing too much
    Thanks for any suggestions


    Yodlee is (imo) quite useful (its an online financial aggregator & mgr)

    Excel can be quite useful if you know how to use it

    Would recommend Excel as you can expand to add other bits and bobs. Especially useful if you know how to use the maths functions

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    ive got excel yeah,
    not fantastic at it though as i don't use it very often,but ill give that a blast also looking into that yodlee

    if you expand on what you're trying to do/achieve, i may have a SS you an adapt

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    just mainly to log all my incomings from various sources and all my outgoings such as direct debits or standing orders ,and would like it to list the projected balance for a certain date so i could try and track my finances at a glance once set up.
    Be great if you have something similar no need to create anything new,its not major important.
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