Anybody remember the Euro 2008 Mini League

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Found 15th May 2010
You had to make predictions for every match and if you got the score correct you got 3 points, right result 1 point, or 0 points if you go it wrong. Well i was planning on doing the same thing this year for this years World Cup, but im going on holiday during the group stages. So I am unable to do it. I give permission to anyone who would like to take over this competiton.
Just to let you know.

It takes:
Someone who would be on this website everyday
Knows about football
Lots of editing and copy and pasting after someone PM's you their predictions.
Easy Math abilities (counting up scores, keeping track)

Just comment if you want to take over, but only if you fit this description, i don't want it left in bad hands,

PS. I'll take ownership of it in 2012 again btw :-)

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