Anybody skied in the Czech Republic - any advice appreciated - not a lot online to go on.

    Fancy a change from Austria, Italy and the usual destinations. Some first hand advice would be great.


    Yes..dont go there go to Slovakia....High Tatras...

    I would not try the Czech Republic ( as a German it's our neighbour country ) because there are no higher mountains.
    It doesn't has really build up a touristic net and is not set up with the basic skiing needs. We from the continent go
    to Slovakia where the Alps begins or to Roumania ( Dracula's castle in Transylvania ) when we want to have it cheap.
    They are now there beginning to understand what West European visitors expect.

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    Thanks - I have skied in Roumania - twice - thirty odd years ago!!!! Poiana Brasov - cheap and 'interesting' - once under under Communism and once after!!!! Also Barovets.
    Usually do Austria - but just fancied a change and value for money!
    I know altitude is restricted in CZ. But they do make their own snow too.
    I have skied Abor too in Bohemia.

    I have skied there many times but not for a few years now. I'd only recommend going if you knew people there.

    We stayed with an old friend who had renovated an old farm house, and built their own slopes with button lift. It was about 20mins from the German border by cross country ski. My mother unfortunately managed to dislocate her knee and snap her ACL during the holiday so it was cut short. We went again the following year, but it was quite limited in terms of facilities.

    Another year we went to a 'resort' as such which was nice but again not a great amount to do after the first three days. The scenery is beautiful and the amount of stars I've seen at the top of some of the mountains were incredible there.

    Now, getting back to the question, I wouldn't recommend. There's many better places to go. It's not bad, it's quite cheap in fact but if you want to go for over five days, you'll get bored quickly.

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    Thanks. Slowly going off the idea
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