anybody tried this - Organic Beetroot Juice

    was in holland and barett today and loads of people where buying it, could quite see what it was but now now it to be this, wonders what it tastes like


    It taste a bit like beetroot I think

    Beetroot juice is quite nice. Try some!

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    It taste a bit like beetroot I think

    well it doesnt say alot on the site about it, so just wondering if anyone else knew what was in it, surely it cant just be beetroot



    It taste a bit like beetroot I think

    I'd agree with this poster. I'm just guessing, but a drink advertised as "beetroot juice" is more than likely going to have a distinct "beetroot" flavour.

    Under the 1907 "Shopping Descriptions and Adverts" Law they could go to prison if it didn't


    Found this. Not sure if it is useful:

    Beetroot Juice is great for the heart, but try this organic beetroot juice and you'll be surprised at just how great it tastes!

    James White press fresh beetroots, not the normal pickled vegetable that you see in the jars. By blending 90% beetroot with 10% apple juice you get a sweeter tasting juice that's much more palatable!

    Beetroot is naturally rich in iron, boron and folic acid and very high in anti-oxidants. Beetroot certainly deserves its reputation as a 'superfood'.

    A glass (150ml) of beetroot juice is an excellent way to get one of your 5-a -day daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

    James White Organic Beetroot Juice is best served chilled. Once you've opened it keep it in the fridge and consume within 4 days.

    This product is suitable for a gluten free diet.

    750ml vegan friendly, Organic James White Beetroot Juice.


    The juice of organically grown: Beetroot (90%), Apple (10%).

    Organic Certification UK5

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    thank you daniel, exactly what i was looking for

    I've had it.It's suprisingly nice, really sweet....and good for you!
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