Anybody used a paypal 3v gift card. I cant get it to work :(

    Ive activated it on 3v. confirmed it on my paypal but i cant pay using it. Any ideas how this bloody gift voucher works



    all i can reccommend is checking here and double checking all you've done…tml

    I had one of these, it was a pain in the A....
    When you log into your Paypal account and the invoice comes up that you want to pay, you have to select it from the drop down box, hope this helps

    I use them MOST of the time. Just make sure you have added it on your paypal account (as~ add a new credit card) . when it comes to paying, paypal ask you the method of onto your new 3v creditcard number.......:-D

    I've just got one of these as a birthday present - and what a complete waste of money it was!
    I'm guessing that the reason you can't use it to pay is that you are trying to pay for something which costs more than the value of the card. Paypal doesn't allow more than one card source for a payment so if you don't have enough on your card for your purchase, you can't pay the remainder from your own debit card! I've just made a purchase of £52 on ebay and so was given a card for £25 towards the item - I now have to pay the whole £52 myself and still have the voucher! Oh, and on top of that, if you read the small print on the back - they start charging you a monthly 'account fee' after so may months if you haven't used it! I'd rather have the cash next time!

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