Anybody used a surface tablet for photo editing?

Found 27th Oct 2017
Just looking for ideas on a new laptop, I mainly used my old windows laptop for photo editing before it was stolen so I'm after a better laptop/cross over tablet thingy to do editing on surface seemes the best option as touch screen and stylus etc
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I'd recommend the surface book. You can lay the screen flat which is really useful when trying to actually do editing, and it's got the exact laptop form when you use it as a laptop. It's also better spec for spec than the surface pro as the prices are dropping and you get the pen and obviously keyboard included. Oh, and the bigger screen. The laptop itself is the weakest surface product, if it folded back on itself it'd be great, but as it doesn't the touch isn't at all stylus friendly.

I work in tech so I've played with all (and own a surface pro as at the time it was the pest performance vs price) and for what you're saying, you'd be perfectly suited for the surface book!
There's also the HP spectre, which also has a decent stylus (I'd say the surface edges it) but the aesthetics of the spectre are beyond any other device by far!
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