Anybody Used EasyJet online check-in?

I've used Ryanair's online check-in, which has the advantage of getting you in the priority boarding group. I wondered if there are any similar advantages with Easyjet online check-in, bearing in mind that I haven't paid the extra for priority boarding. There are 2 of us and 1 case to be checked in, so I thought of using online check-in for the 1 without the case, but if this doesn't get me into a better boarding group, we may as well both check-in together at the desk.


It will save you money to check in online as you dont have any luggage for the hold, this will be about a £14 saving or there abouts I think, so well worth it, take a look when you go through the bookig forms.
Where are you headed, anywhere nice?


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There are 2 of us travelling and we've pre-paid for 1 case, so the other could check-in online if there are any advantages. I don't believe EasyJet charge to check-in at the desk (yet!).
We're going to Murcia.
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