Anybody used InterRail to travel around Europe?

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Found 14th Mar
Hi guys,

I have some time off in April and was thinking of going around Europe via trains. Came across InterRail and was wondering if anybody has had any experience of InterRail and whether its worth it.

I am a little confused regarding train bookings and reservations fees. I understand it as I can buy a 10 day pass and use any 10 days but I may need to book some trains in advance and also pay some reservations fees?

The plan is to visit different places around europe and look at using airbnb.


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There was an article in i newspaper the other day. The example they used was a five day travel (within fifteen days) for £200. This doesn't cover Eurostar from London, but there's a sale on there just now. Good value at £50 a day? Well, some high speed trains like Thalys have a surcharge. You could even fly to your first starting point, then train or bus would probably be about the same cost, but much more flexible. I personally prefer to start with a ferry or Eurostar. There are sleeper trains across Europe too. All the info you need is at the Man in Seat 61 website at It'll tell you how to travel just about anywhere by train, bus and ferry make connections and get tickets. It's an inspiration!

I always book direct with the train company depending on which country I am visiting. As mentioned Man in Seat 61 website is a good source of information and you normally can get good offers if you are booking in advance.

Did it a few years back. Reservation fee from what i remember only applied to trains when I visited Italy, everywhere else was fine.

The 10 day pass works as 10 days of travel within whatever period they give you now days so for example 10 days travel within 20 days would mean once you use your first train journey you have 20 days to use your pass and within those 20 days you'll have 10 days of travel. You write the date on the days you want to use your pass and the conductor will check/ stamp it.
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