Anybody used Revolut Prepaid Card?

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Found 2nd Sep 2016
anybody used and is it good or any better alternatives? thanks

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My son has and thought it was a better idea than taking cash and the exchange rates although they change I think it's daily you get a better rate than exchanging money before you go away.

used for it months in Australia, overall it's saved me loads but support can be a bit slow to get hold of. definitely the best card out there


Very dangerous,OB

Just back from Sweden where I used in daily in conjunction with a travelex Supercard. No complaints from me, worked everywhere I used it. Much better than taking currency out in advance of travel.

We have 2 cards. At the moment the best card you can get imo.

Also have a Halifax clarity card.
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Yep used it in Croatia, the app works well just not very user friendly.

It has the best exchange rates by far.


Very dangerous,OB

​ how so? please explain random comment

Can anyone get it to work with amazon or other online shopping?

Excellent card, used it for my trip to USA worked great although not to the fault of revolut pretty much all ATMs charged a withdrawal fee in states i guess on top of 2% on anything over $700. Worked in all stores too.
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