Posted 25 July 2017

Anybody used to unmask No Caller ID's?

I'm having bother with No Caller ID calls. It's hard to stop on an iPhone without losing notifications. This "show me the number" claims to be able to show me who actually called. Has anyone used this service and if so was it any good? Website is ://
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  1. steve1221's avatar
    Not clear from the site how they claim to be able to do this?

    The block is from the networks servers, so I don't see how they can unblock without having access to the networks IT (which they won't have).
  2. deleted1080215's avatar
    Never used it. Interesting concept, but quite expensive in my opinion.
    Checked out the site (not from your link -error 404 for some reason!) seems quite amateur. Unsuccessful crowd funded in 2015.

    This bothers me a bit...

    "Simple to Install

    It's quick and easy to activate with nothing to install, and you'll be unmasking calls within seconds."

    Do you install or not? (edited)
  3. Derriere's avatar
    I haven't used it. I don't know how it could possibly work. If it did what it said it can then it would be a cracking job.
  4. Dyslexic_Dog's avatar
    I just read that as showmethemember, and thought perhaps miles had moved on from mens legs and maybe started his own website!
  5. itsdavidjones1984's avatar
    Install true caller
  6. Derriere's avatar
    Thanks for the comments. I'm going to give this true caller a go.
  7. zirk's avatar
    When you withhold your number the number is still sent along the Network / Exchanges its just not shown on normal receiving equipment, a lot of Gov, 999, Some Call Centers etc will still see the number from a with held Caller, so do a lot of International Calls that dont share or use that with holding technology.

    As for a bit of Consumer Software or App on the end of a Mobile, probably not do able I would image, not in the UK anyway. (edited)
  8. deleted1925086's avatar
    I realise this post is quite old but thought I would post for future reference. Show me the number DOES work, it does exactly what it says. If you check out how 0800 numbers are billed it will give you an insight into how show me the number are able to ‘unblock the caller’ ok so that’s the good news! Yes as always there appears to be a downside. I have used this twice once with my works bank card and once with my personal bank card. I have given my card details and cancelled before the free trial ends and all is good, apart from the fact my card details have been hacked!!! Yep somebody enjoyed pizza and goods from Argos and Maplin while I was hard at work! This happened on both occasion with both cards around 10 days after I had signed up for show me the number. I am not saying that they have done this, it is possible their site has been hacked and they are unaware of it, so if you are desperate like I was it will work but I suggest you use a pre paid visa to do so.
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