Anybody used those vac storage bags for clothes.

    Just got some of those storage bags from Argos that suck the air out to make the items smaller.
    I have put two duvets in and it has worked but they look awfully creased up. I was going to put some of my extra thick winter wool jumpers but wondered if it would damage them.
    Has anyone actually taken clothes out of these. Were they as good as when you put them in?
    I am even a little worried about the duvets. I imagine they are going to come out really squashed and wont get any fluffiness back.


    I use all the time and everythings fine they just fill back up with air when you open the seal it's amazing.:D

    Clothes do tend to get creased up, but I just wash and iron them and they're fine.

    nothing been taken out of them , but i cant image they will be ruined. If you are worried they wonr iron properly just put them in your bathroom when you go for a shower and then iron them. the moisture from the shower will soften the clothes and loosen them up a bit while the ironing will bring it back to normal. If all else fails but them in the wash, that will sort it out properly.

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    Thanks that's reassuring. It is amazing how much space it has saved with the thick duvets that I have put away till next year. The bag is very well sealed for obvious reasons so everything keeps nice and clean. Think I will put most of my spare and older bedding in that I just dont feel ready to throw out.

    I use them to store winter jumpers etc. They do crease but a wash and dry sorts that out.

    With duvets it depends on the filling.

    If you have synthetic hollowfill fibre duvets - they're OK and fluff up again.

    I wouldn't put goose down duvets in the bags though in case the stems of the feathers get broken and they don't fluff up again.

    A compromise might be to suck only part of the air out so that the quilts take up less space but don't end up completely flat.


    They are exalent at keeping things safe from damp that you need to store in loft or garage...I use them for our life jackets after we wash the salt out and put away after the season until the following year.
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