Anybody watch 'til death?

Found 19th Mar 2010
wtf is going on with it.

Just started watching season 4 from about episode 8 and it's weird. One episode Eddy goes to their doctor friend 'Simone' and he gets a bit obsessed with her, then the next episode Joy says "you haven't been to the doctors since you had that check up with Simone, which was over a year ago" then the next episode they met Simone and her husband for the first time!?!?!!?

Also the Daughter changed actress, then again for one episode, then back again!!!

Sometimes the daughter lives in a truck and sometimes upstairs, one episode the son-in-law thinks he's 'in a sitcom' next episode he doesn't!!

V. Confused
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don't watch it and not sure of the exact reason but if your watching via downloads a load of US shows have been on a winter break and some of the networks have been showing repeats in their place.
Yeah, thought about that, but they were labelled s4 ep8, s4 ep9 etc. etc.

Just started watching another one and Ally has changed again, someone completely new!!!!
Yeah I think the've had four different daughters in total. I know season 3s episodes were a bit muddled up, might be the case for season 4 aswell.
Watched the episode a bit more and the new, new, new, new one actually plays into the storyline with the son-in-law thinking he is in a sitcom.
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