Anyne live in SWINDON, willing to do me a favour? :-)

    Hi there,

    Looking to find someone in Swindwon, who would be willing to do me a favour, which would be collect an item from a shop (slightly bigger item), then post to me, obviously at my expense.

    I know its a big ask, but don't try, don't get, lol!

    Need to know asap also.


    Edit: Copied and pasted word SWINDON from a search function thing i was looking at, and was spelt SWINDOWN, hence the mistake, lol! Hopefully all know i mean SWINDON! :-)
    - R0N4LD


    do u mean swindon?

    Original Poster

    Haha, just read that before read your post, lol!

    Will be edited! :thumbsup:

    do you mean

    I live in Swindon, what is it you need collecting?

    Original Poster


    do you mean

    Yup, having nightmare! Had spilt coke (Coca Cola, lol) on keyboard night or two ago, and got half the keys off to clean. Such a pain, lol!

    I would've helped if I lived in Swindon..
    good luck.

    Dont live far from swindon, what is it that needs collecting?

    i assume its the panasonic


    i assume its the panasonic

    what panasonic?

    lots of swindon'ers around here :-D.... if i could drive i would go and get it for you, might be to big for the bus :lol:

    What is the item? Where is it and how big is it?
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