Anyobne else use Baines and Ernst?

    Hi i got divorced a few years back and had alot of debts that i couldnt afford,i contacted a debt company called baines and ernst and had to pay a set up fee and now i pay as much as i can afford to the companys i owe money too and i thinjk baines take around £30 from the total i give to them,just wondering after all this time was it a good idea to use this company?do they all charge>?



    I used Baines and Ernst about 7 years ago for 3 or so years. Was paying £400 a month of which they took £75. It really worked for me even though I was paying way over the odds. I did stop using them before by debt was paid and they used the £400 I paid as a "deposit" as a fee for not using them till the debt was cleared.

    If you can afford to pay your debt without paying them a fee then in the long run will prob save you money. Not sure if other companies like this charge as the system have changed loads since I did mine.

    Hope you get it sorted though

    I would not use them at all, what you want to do is get in contact with the CAB or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. Both of these will not charge you a fee and will provide the same service as Baines and Ernst. Baines and Ernst take at least 30 a month from your money and then agree pro ratio payments which both the CAB and Consumer Credit Counselling Service would do without charging you any money so your liabilities are paid off sooner.

    Yes you can do it for free at the CAB but only go down this route if things are dire as it will mess up your credit rating for years to come.
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