Anyobody used www.powo.co.uk ?

Found 9th Nov 2014
Hi all,

my wifes found a game for our nephew to be cheapest on powo.co.uk but to be honest i've never heard of them.
Anybody ever used them and if so was it good service and a site you'd recommend ??

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like how they only have an email address no telephone

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Tiny Red Ltd

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400 Pavillion Drive
United Kingdom

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Keep away!!! They do not respond to e-mails!!
Idiots took 2 weeks to send an item, (stated 3 working days), when it arrived it was not the item I ordered, then took 2 weeks to refund item, without the postage! They assure me the postage refund is on its way. I sent about 10 e-mails, only three were replied to. Very poor service.

I won't shop from them again.
i have been waiting 28 day's for my goods, lots of promises but now not answering e mails. No phone numbers?
Stay clear!
Glad i found this post, about to buy some lego at the best price on the internet..........wont now!!
My goods (also lego at best price) didn't arrive in the time promised. The company Powo.co.uk have a site within Amazon and is owned by a company called World Spinners, also on Amazon. I started to send messages through Amazon site as they have to reply in three days and also contacted Trading Standards and within a few days my goods arrived. Unlikely to use again.
Finally received my goods yesterday, but no acknowledgement or email to inform me, over 28 days with no explanation!
I have had numerous communications with member of staff Kyle.
Each occasion I have been given assurances that the ordered
item was dispatched.

Pure lies, each time.

I'm in the process of cancelling an order that they stated
was 'shipped' on 7th November.
It has not been delivered as of today 30th November.
They peddle lies.Your choice to deal with them.

But my opinion is John Lewis would have been a better choice,
if only £4.95 dearer! And, a two day guaranteed delivery.
I'm not an internet shopping novice. This company is the
worst I have experienced and will never recommend.
I was going to use them too to buy something, but sounds dodgy with no contact number, don't respond to emails I
have sent about buying from them, and haven't responded when I sent an enquiry using their 'Contact Us' form on their
website. I commented on their facebook the other day about being unable to contact them directly in anyway, and now I see
I notice their facebook has now been changed to like only and no comments. Wouldn't risk using them now.
I fell victim to the allure of cheap prices as well. Should have known better.
Ordered on the 8th November and still waiting three weeks later.
Have just sent a message via their amazon.co.uk account so will see if that gets a response.
I was beginning to think that the site was a complete scam so it is slightly reassuring that people are eventually getting their orders delivered.
Just want my money back now. Will never use again.
I'm freaking out! I ordered a gopro and it was £150, 2 weeks ago and I haven't received it! It's for a Christmas present. Can anyone advise me on what to do? As it says above they don't have a phone number and aren't replying to my emails. could cry!!
Further research indicates the company behind powo.co.uk (Powo!) is
Tiny Red Ltd
Victory House, 400 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7PA
and the directors are:
Mr Adam Matthew Pope
Mr Lee Wallis

No telephone as yet. But still trying!
I ordered a go pro too on the 24th of nov for a xmas present and I sent them an email last last Friday and this Kyle person said its in transit and I should get it in 3-5 working days. It's been more than that and I've just sent them another email.
I have also ordered and not received. they have have randomly answered my emails and Facebook comments but with various conflicting answers to the same question. I have filled in a submission to bbc watchdog and suggest others do the same to show powo is a possible scam
I've had to go to my bank to claim my money back. Tamamaxxx, they will send you an email soon probably saying it was 'lost in transit' which is a lot of rubbish! I don't think they actually have any of the products to hand, at first. I think they advertise loads and then when someone buys something they try and source it cheaply from elsewhere and send it. However, gopros are sold out everywhere and there is only one distributor for Gopro to all companies in the whole of the uk and they are sold out. So obviously they couldn't source it and just thought they'd get away with saying Royal Mail had lost it. I've still not received my refund which they offered to me. Merry Christmas huh!
i have been emailing them the same email several times each day. Today I got a refund! seems if maybe you irritate them enough you may get refunded just to stop the messages!! Good luck everyone & merry Christmas X
OMG I have had exactly the same issues - I ordered a Lego friends mall from my daughter on 7th November and it still hasn't turned up despite this kyle person saying each time I have emailed that it will take 3 days - we are now over a month on and I have still not received anything. I have contacted Trading Standards and have also reported them to Action Fraud who are looking into this. Maybe if a few more you would like to go them then hopefully we can get these scammers shut down.
i have been emailing them the same email several times each day. Today I got a refund! seems if maybe you irritate them enough you may get refunded just to stop the messages!! Good luck everyone & merry Christmas X
Urgh I wish I'd seen this post before I bought my gifts, they were supposedly shipped on 1 Dec but now I'm sure they won't be arriving after reading this thread! Feel embarrassed I tried to save £9!!
O dear how worrying! placed my order after reading these comments , and now so worried!
My things have not arrived!
When i tried to log into the account i made while ordering, it tells me there is no such email, hence i can't log in.
No tel no says it all i guess!
Silly me Saved £8 on a £!00 lego item, which is probably never going to arrive on time.
I paid through visa am i covered should item not come at all?
Thanks Debbie
I think you'll be covered by Visa. I sent them this thread and asked for a refund of my goods. They replied and said there's a huge delay in their warehouse and with their couriers which is funny because all other packages have arrived fine, and the next day! They said it would arrive in 3-7 working days but I doubt that very much. Glad I am not the only one that tried to save a bit of money but hopefully we'll all have our issues resolved.
I emailed them again and also contact them via Amazon just in case and one said that their warehouse is extremely busy, the other said royal mail's being slow. They said I should get it in 3-7 days. Should I just ask for a refund now?
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY,, I ordered almost a month ago and I was constantly told 3-5 days. They finally refunded me today. Company are full of lies,, kept telling me items were dispatched. It's a scam company. STEER CLEAR!!!!!!
I got the same responses about warehouse being busy and Royal Mail and asked for a refund again, it might be best to do the same. Just picked my presents up from Argos, an extra £9 but worth it for peace of mind. If you look at the Which link above then you have 14 days to cancel online orders so you're well within your rights. Good luck!
Ok, I have been promised a refund, here is what I emailed:

Further to my below email please can you confirm confirmation of my cancelled order and advise when I will receive my refund.

I'd like to draw your attention to the below:

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations you can cancel goods bought online the moment you place your order until 14 days from the day you receive your goods, and get a full refund.

I trust this is all in order and you'll be able to cancel and issue a refund today
Hi i've had the same problem as most of the posts hear

according to my bank statement my payment was made

to a company called World spinners tel No 01604 715456
I ordered a GoPro Hero3 camera from this company and they have taken my £179.00 but the camera is yet to turn up. I placed my order on November 25th and I am still waiting. I have had one response to my first email stating that my camera will be with me within the next 3-5 working days. The 5th working day is up on Monday. It's funny how when I have logged back on to their website it says 'shipped'. Not sure how long they think it takes to transport from Northamptonshire!! I don't expect it to show up! My husband has just received a watch he ordered from Hong Kong which was dispatched on Monday and arrived on Saturday!! It can be done Powo!! I intend to bombard them with emails until they refund me. Stay away from this company!!
Hi. I'm in a concent battle with them. I ordered on the 15th of November and I still haven't got it. I have been battle through email since then dealing with different people all the time and not reading my concern so I'm constantly explaining my issue. I have finally got them into a refund when they said it was in the delivery van for 3 weeks and then wouldn't give my a courier name and website when asked, which told me they havent delivered it. Got emails requesting order number and paypal email address to issue refund when I got another email telling me the other is on its way. Order this to avoid the Xmas rush in November and I still haven't got it. Now they are dragging theirs heels for the refund when I haven't got the item! I'm so angry with this company. Never again! Don't use!
Apparently my order, which i ordered on the 6th, was dispatched on the 9th. The delay was apparently due to royal mail being behind (not true as i ordered elsewhere and that arrived fine) i asked to cancel and refund they totally ignored me so i logged a dispute via paypal and the money was refunded immediately. I believe the company has no intention in delivering any items. Avoid at all costs this company is an absolute joke stick to trusted sites like amazon if you ask me
I'm in tears, it's all sounding too familiar. I guess i can forget my nephews christmas present that i ordered over 2 weeks ago. Received the same dubious emails with promises. Hope Santa **** down their chimney
I am embroiled in an email war with this company too! I am determined to win and this is why I haven't accepted a refund yet - although by the sound of it I wouldn't get one either! My order was placed on 19th November and I still haven't received my goods. They have been lost in transit apparently! Several emails from different people have offered various excuses. They are a nightmare and I have a good mind to visit the registered addresses! It is a good job they don't have a phone number or they would be receiving a barrage of abuse!
Like others i wish i seen this before hand.I ordered from these clowns and never got my goods (£149.99 worth) i'm sure they are trying
to sale stuff they do not have ? and they seem to be run by a young and inexperienced team.It does not take long before you know you've been done over.I sent emails every day,you would not believe the crap they come out with ( HANG ON YOU DO. SORRY)
Anyway eventually i got the money back but what a job.All i can say is i hope others read this before thinking about buying from Powo.

I don't normally subscribe to online forums but I felt I should spread the word to avoid this company like the plague. Like everyone else who has posted a response I am still waiting for an item which was allegedly dispatched on 25th November and they took my money quick enough on the 24th!. Like everyone else when I e-mailed them they told me about delays with their couriers etc etc, so it will be 3-7 dusiness days, then it was going to be delivered by Monday or Tuesday this week and the latest I have heard is by the 23rd. All lies!, and the sickening thing is this is my son's main Christmas present which I am unlikely to be able to get elsewhere now. I ordered an item from Japan which was dispatched on 7th December and arrived today; This is supposed to be coming from Northampton which last time I checked is in England!
My advise to anyone else out there in the same position is to report them to Trading Standards which is exactly what I will be doing. This sort of disgraceful online trading needs to be put a stop to!
I have had similar trouble to others with this company. No items delivered, no replies to emails etc. etc.
However, I paid for my items with Paypal and there is a mobile number registered to Powo on Paypal, it is 07581 743976. I'm yet to have any joy with an answer on the phone, but maybe some of you could also try?
I also ordered Star Wars Lego - never received it. Complained and asked for a refund which they said they'd do - just checked my CC bill and nothing's been paid back
Avoid like the plague ....
Stay away!!! I ordered an item that was dispatched the same day. 3 weeks later I'm still waiting. Emailed after 10 days then was told delivery in 3-7 days. Still didn't arrive so emailed again to be told 100% guaranteed delivery today. Still waiting, I've opened a dispute with the bank. To top it off I've no money to replace the item and it's nearly christmas
Now trying the amazon emails. Only got one response in a month and now over a month, my item will be too expensive for me from other sources as its discontinued and rising in price each day. In this way, these totally dishonest and unreliable fakes make interest on all our payments only delivering what they can source when it suits them. They are ruining peoples gift plans and blocking us from affording the item elsewhere before its too late. Miserable retail scum. Checkout the feedback on Amazon and warn others, as someone mentioned BBCs Watchdog should be made aware.
Been waiting on an item that was apparently shipped out on the 10/12
Emails ignored one reply I eventually got was identical to the one I got ten days ago but with a females name on it instead of mine
PayPal chasing them now for me
Stay clear of this site
Amazes me how people just give money to companies they've never heard of without doing research first. Absolutely mental.

Amazes me how people just give money to companies they've never heard of … Amazes me how people just give money to companies they've never heard of without doing research first. Absolutely mental.

You are 100% right and wish I had. I like to think of myself as a pretty intelligent bloke who can spot something dodgy a mile off, but hey we all get caught out from time to time or make mistakes. I find it odd when people seemingly seek out posts to pour scorn or gloat over other people's misfortunes.
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